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In this book, plant medicine healer Nicola McIntosh shares her beldn of nature wisdom and the power of using sacred crystals to create a greater purpose for energy healing – connecting to the divine source of life.

In this book you will:


  • Discover the advanced keys to manifesting miracles and why your attempts might have not worked in the past
  • Learn the ancient mysticism of sacred geometry and sound resonance
  • Dive deeper into the healing properties of crystals and chakra energies
  • Reawaken your connection to the source of power and life and learn how to stay connected
  • Accelerate your intuitive and psychic abilities


Master crystal grid techniques for earth healing, aura cleansing, self-care healing, soul purpose plus much, much more. Complete with an array of stunning photographs and illustrations, easy-to-use guidance and a unique vision, Crystal Grid Secrets takes a step beyond the norm and empowers a new direction towards the future of crystal healing medicine. 

Crystal Grid Secrets by Nicola McIntosh

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