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 Journey to Spirit & Soul:

Choice, Chance, Change Retreat 

Date : 24-26 March 2023 | Continental House Hepburn Springs

3-Day Retreat 


Cost:   Shared - $1,350   or   Single - $1,490

*Payment plans are available*

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Daily Meditations

Experience daily meditations with Maryanne that will allow you to look inside, block out the outer world noises and begin the journey of Choice, Chance, Change. 

What to expect

Join us in a journey of self-awareness and self-help. Let your walls come down, relax & open up to a Weekend retreat of Meditation, Mindfulness & Stillness. It's time to allow yourself to feel the pleasure of just surrendering your mind from things you can't control & learn the difference between right side and left side of the brain! One side is key to your success and the other side is your ego human side! Do you know which is which?

On this journey of the self, you will learn how to step out of your old habits in an easy and effective way. Maryanne will be incorporating Meditation with crystals to help you relax and surrender the blocks you have put up around you. 


You will learn how to remove negative energy and people that take up space in your life that only create damage rather than good. 


Experience the beautiful & unique Turkish Hamman Steam Ritual. Relax on the beautiful heated marble steam room, surrounded by aromatherapy infused steam bliss. Your 'Tallak" steam therapists will guide you through the ancient ritual of gentle body exfoliation while soft mud soap bubbles delicately wash over your skin. Finishing with a soothing steam massage and a clay face mask.

Your investment includes:
  • Accommodation 

  • All meals 

  • Access to all workshops

  • Turkish Hamman Steam Ritual

  • Retreat kit

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