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Sunday, 29th October 2023  |  Online Event

Are You An Empath?

1 Hour Workshop


From 3pm – 4pm   |   Cost – $55

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Do you pick up on other people’s emotions?

  • Do you get overwhelmed in crowds?

  • Do you find that people always want to tell you there problems? 

  • Frequently needing time out for yourself? 

  • Do you have good intuition?

Well you are an EMPATH

Empaths have big hearts and are amazing at offering support and comfort to those around them. They're like emotional superheroes! Though being an empath is hard work, you’ll find yourself a emotional rollercoaster most of the time.  This one hour workshop will help shine some light on the situation and the importance of being grounded. 

Join maryanne and let her show you the way to a more fulfilling and grounded relationship with being an empathIn this workshop we will cover why you are an empath and how to protect yourself from other peoples energy, cleanse the energy, what crystals will help you, techniques on how to support other empaths and young children.

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