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Connecting Spirit and Soul 

Connecting Spirit and  Soul offers a signature event. 

Crossing Over to the Other Side. 

This event is run and facilitated by

Maryanne Azzopardi, Psychic Medium

Maryanne’s well known for her spiritual guidance that supports and empowers people in their everyday lives.

At this crossing over event, Maryanne will connect to your loved ones that are in the spiritual world, to give you guidance and messages from the other side.

Everyone will receive a crystal and get a short reading on the crystal colour you have picked. On your assigned seats you will also find a Angel Card which will give you guidance. 

Due to the volume of people, a reading isn't guaranteed.


Event Details:

Dates: Friday, February 23rd 2024 


Cost: $80 per person

Where: Gisborne, Victoria.


Time: 7pm - 9pm

"I've known Maryanne for years and have been blown away time after time love the crossing overs too, you have helped me in so many ways your an amazing women"

Bree H

Event Photos 

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