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Do you want to manifest more money and wealth into your life?

If so, these Wealth Kits are for you! For these kits you will need soil from where you are using the kit, either home or the workplace, to use at the base of the bowl.


What does it all represent?

  • The Soil - Mother Earth and planting the roots of your intentions.

  • The Buddha - Will bring joy, excitement and abundance of wealth and health.

  • The Bowl (round is best) - New beginnings and no ending.

  • The Coins - Your intentions of bringing in wealth.

  • The Crystals:

    • Green Aventurine - Opportunities to succeed.

    • Tigers Eye - Stone of abundance and positive

      mind, good luck follows.

    • Pyrite - Attracts money and wealth.

    • Amethyst - Brings calmness and protection.

  • The Red Stones - The stability elements.

  • The Sesame Seeds - Good luck and manifestation.

  • The Gold Glitter - Money and love and it makes your world shine.

  • The Pebble Stones - The foundation of your wealth.

  • Money Drawing Incense Cones.

Wealth Kit

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