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Meet Jen

Holistic Healer

Heya, I’m Jen from Holistic Healing with Jen.  My holistic business consists of crystal reiki, crystal healings, chakra balance and aura cleanse, Healy sessions, health and wellness. I love being able to share my healing abilities with people of all ages from babies to elderly, each soul needs extra care on a spiritual level. 


In a session we have a run down of how you’re feeling and what you’re likely to experience from your healing. We also discuss if you’ve had a healing before, what you would like to get from the healing and how I can help you tap into your own energy source.

In each session I incorporate Australian Bush Flower Essences – in the form of mist sprays. These work on a vibrational level and help to calm your energy before a session and at the end to help clear the blocked energies released. Along with essential oils in the diffuser to enhance relaxation and mindfulness. You’ll find a sense of peace when you walk into the healing room and some beautiful relaxing frequency music playing, which also promotes another level of healing.

Crystals are used in sessions to enhance the healing on a deeper level - each crystal and crystal grid provides a unique energy to promote balance, clarity and cleansing.


The Healy device works on a bioenergetic frequency, targeting specific cells to promote cell regeneration, healing and cleansing. The Healy has numerous different programs associated with organs and meridian lines, muscles and bones, fitness, mindfulness, mental health, chakras, sleep, study, brain health, immunity and deep regenerative relaxation. The Healy device can be used on the person by attaching with electrode pads or run via distance frequencies. 


Please contact me if you have any questions or if you’d love to book a healing. 


Australian Bush Flower Essences can be purchased.

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